Celebration High School
Mr. Michael Meechin

Social Sciences Department

All of my courses are designed to create a college-like experience for all students. The requirements for this course are what you should expect of any serious minded student earning credit in the university, college, or high school classroom. Below you will find a list of student expectations for this course. This wiki is a living document that will change and adapt as our needs adapt to current learning conditions.

Student Expectations

# 1

Students are expected to understand and follow all rules and policies in the Celebration High School handbook, such as dress code, electronic device, and cell phone policies.

# 2

Students are expected to be in class when the tardy bell rings with all required materials for that particular class session. The Celebration High School tardy policy will be adhered to.

# 3

Students are not permitted to bring food, candy, gum, or beverages into the classroom. Bottled water, however, will be permitted.

# 4

Students are required to follow and adhere to the bathroom procedures of the classroom at all times. Students will be provided three bathroom passes at the beginning of each quarter. Students may use their bathroom passes during the assigned quarter. Bathroom passes do not "roll over" and are not accepted for extra credit. Students may not use the bathroom passes during the first or last ten minutes of the class period.

# 5

Students are not to talk when another has the floor. To gain the floor, a student must raise their hand and be called on. Be respectful of others' opinions and the instructor will do his best to allow all who want to speak their opportunity. Students are to treat fellow classmates, teachers, and the school building with respect at all times.

# 6

Students should come to class prepared, mentally and physically. Homework and other assessments should be handed in to the "IN" bins within the first two minutes of class to aviod late penalties.

# 7

Students should remain seated until the bell rings and are not to congregate by the classroom doors.

# 8

Students should not have their personal bags or backpacks on their desks (tables) or on their laps during class time, please place these personal belongings next to or underneath your desk.

# 9

Students should practice proper use of classroom social media and Internet accounts; violation of this policy will result in administrative referral and suspension of network privleges.


Text messaging will result in the confiscation of the student's cell phone. The phone will be turned into student services per Celebration High School Code of Conduct policies.

  1. Student will be verbally warned
  2. Student and teacher conference
  3. Administrative action
(At any time in this process parent contact or referral may be warranted.)